Enki Monimus sunglasses in fluro green with copper lenses

Monimus Fluro Green with Copper Lenses

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Monimus is our modernised interpretation of the classic vintage cat eye. Handcrafted with a brushed bronze titanium frame which is housed in the finest European quality acetates. Lenses 100% UV UB protection, Australian & New Zealand standard. Comes with cruelty-free vegan leather pouch and cleaning cloth.

Monimus 4th century BCE of Syracuse was a cynic philosopher who endorsed scepticism, denying that there was a criterion of truth. He was famous for saying that "everything is vanity" According to Sextus Empiricus, Monimus was like Anaxachus, because they "compared existing things to a scene-painting and supposed them to resemble the impressions experienced in sleep or madness." He said that "it was better to lack sight than education, because, under the first affliction, you fall to the ground, under the latter, deep underground," and he also said that "Wealth is the vomiting of Fortune."