Alice Herbals

What is Alice Herbals?
Alice Herbals is a Northern California company that promotes harmony between luxury, beauty, and mindful consumerism. I handcraft each product with the highest quality organic and vegan oils, waxes and butters, organic and sustainably harvested herbs, flowers, and therapeutic-grade essential oils. Each product is hand poured in recyclable and/or reusable glass bottles. I charge the bottles with Reiki and positive intention. These formulas are a luxurious synergistic combination of oils, herbs and flowers that work together to nourish the skin, visibly boosting natural skin radiance and health. You will notice your skin respond after the first use.

What is practicing beauty?
Practice beauty is more than a tagline for my business. It’s an example I strive to set as a woman, mother, wife, sister and friend. To me this means having the freedom, courage and desire to find what is meaningful and express it.This is something I wish for all people. It is my life’s work to share this message.

What is the mission at Alice Herbals?
I believe in a holistic approach to health and life. Beauty truly begins on the inside and reflects through our eyes and skin. I am passionate about eating and sharing the benefits of a plant based diet, and discovering ways to minimize my impact on the environment. I spend time everyday in nature, practicing mindfulness and meditation. I love sharing the benefits of this lifestyle with you through my meticulously crafted and luxurious organic skin care line.

In 2009 I opened a holistic health practice for women. Please check my other website out: I specialize in Reiki, a relaxation technique that uses your own energy to heal and balance the mind and body. I also studied aromatherapy and herbs and began handcrafting beautiful infused oils to use on the face and hands during Reiki sessions. Around this time I had my first allergic reaction to a very expensive and high end Medical brand micro-dermabrasion scrub. My face and neck were covered in hives. I believed that expensive and popular products in fancy packaging translated to high quality skin care. I realized that the ingredients that caused a reaction were full of synthetic chemicals and toxins and they were inflaming and poisoning my skin. I began mixing my own formulas, sharing my favorites with clients and giving to friends and family as gifts. My products were healing and making my skin look better than it had in years. Friends noticed and wanted my herbal oils too. The demand for my products was there. In 2010 I began to sell my products in cool little glass jars and bottles with handmade labels.

Today I still oversee every aspect of the creation and production of my products. I handpick the highest quality organic and sustainable ingredients from suppliers I trust. I blend small batches and pour and label every jar myself. Not outsourcing any aspect of my business ensures the highest quality and freshest artisanal products. My devoted customers say their skin has never looked better. I prepare every jar as if I’m creating it for someone very special and important. You!
Thank you for taking the time to learn more about my skin care line. I love hearing from my customers, please contact me with questions and feedback.

Love, Alice Baker