Pouch Ana


Handmade by the talented women of Knitting Hope, by Misión Huascarán, these pouches are the first special line made in solidarity with the knitters to fund the Christmas celebration for them and their children. The pouches are delicately knitted in a varied of colors and patterns.

The POUCHES OF HOPE are made in collaboration with Knitting Hope, an initiative by Mision Huascaran to train and empower women from rural low income areas. Currently, 81 artisans, from teenagers to grandmothers, are part of the team behind some of ESCVDO’s signature pieces.
The pouches are made of upcycled dead stock of pure pima cotton, under our commitment to aim for a zero waste production.

  • 100% Cotton
  • White & Blue
  • 17 x 20 cm / 6.7 x 7.8 in