AGG Kimono Luxe - Burnt Chocolate W/ Caramel Wings


Hand-painted, with love. Expect a miracle when you wear this kimono. This stunning silk kimono is a signature design. It carries the energy and guidance of Arch Angel Gabrielle. Feel protected and luxurious when you wear your wings and wear it as an expression of the divinity that lives within you.

  • Material: 100% ‘A grade’ silk, hand painted.
  • Size:  Available in 2 lengths: 33.5" (85cm) and 41.25" (105cm). Fit of kimono is one-size.
  • Handmade: Each kimono is individually hand-made and hand-painted in accordance with ancient batik practices. Any inconsistencies should not be considered as flaws, but as an integral part of the garment and indication of it's hand made process. As colors are individually mixed each time, colors may vary by 10%. Each kimono is boiled to complete the batik process of removing the wax and setting the color. Therefore, you will experience no color run or shrinkage with this item
  • Care:  Dry clean/Hand wash. Silk Iron. Iron silk inside out. For best results lightly spray silk with water prior to ironing.
  • Made in Indonesia 

Proudly produced under fair-trade working conditions. :)