Hola Coir Doormat

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Hola bienvenido!! Now greet your guests - the welcome and the non-welcome - in en español!! Take this opportunity to say "Hola" to everyone without even having to say a word (actually without even having to open the door!). To top it all, let your imagination run wild and let the Hola doormat take you to Spain - imagine yourself opening the door of your casa in the beautiful spanish countryside - ok enough said!

The Hola doormat is a durable and sturdy coco mat made from natural coir fibers embedded into weather-proof vinyl backing. Durable and weather resistant, they are and ideal fit for outdoor use. As the coconut fibers are tightly inserted into the vinyl backing, they shed less compared to traditional coco doormats. With its vinyl backing, the Hola Doormat will not slide around or curl up. Resilient and tough, these doormats are resistant to rot, mildew and staining.

Unique construction of coir makes the doormat the perfect shoe scraping surface. Cleans dirt from under footwear and prevents dirt from tracking indoors helping safe-guard your interiors. The "Hola" is hand stencil printed with a biodegradable spray dye making them eco-friendly. The color dye goes deep into the coir fibres making it longer-lasting and fade resistant. With a 5/8" thickness, it is low profile and perfect for low clearance doorways

Easy to clean - just give it a good shake or run down with a vacuum
These durable coir door mats are sustainable, eco-friendly, long lasting, and very affordable.

  • Made from natural coir fibers
  • 18" x 30” x 1/2” pile.
  • Made in United States