COVID19 Prevention Policy

We are tentatively scheduled to reopen on June 15, 2020 with reduced store hours. Here are the extra guidelines and requirements our business will implement based on required government protocol:


Outside Store:

~ Limited number of entry and exit points into and out of store.  We will have front door open and hallway door closed.

~ Limiting the number of customers in the store.

~ Safe distancing markers inside and outside of store.

~ Signage for COVID-19 policies on front door and check out desk.

~ All deliveries and restocking will be before or after store hours.

Inside Store - Cleaning:

~ Hand sanitizer for each customer to use upon entry.

~ Disposal face masks for customers that don't have one.

- Sales person will regularly clean key touch points with alcohol (e.g. door handles, keypads, tabletops).

~ After a customer tries on clothes, items will be hung outside on rack for 24 hours. 

~ Dressing rooms will be cleaned and sanitized before and after each use.

~ Customers will be given hand sanitizer before trying on clothing.

Inside Store - Social Distancing:

~ We will inform all customers of our policies when they enter the shop.

~ We will have markings inside to facilitate compliance with the social distancing advice of 2 meters, particularly in the most crowded areas.

~ There will be clear signage throughout the store reminding customers of the social distancing measures and asking them to follow these rules.

~ Front doors will stay open to minimize the number of people who touch them.

~ We are encouraging only cashless purchases.

~ Self-checkout touch screens/keypads – a member of our staff will be available to regularly sanitize the checkout areas, between each use.

- Sales person rings up purchases and prepares POS to process payment.

- Customer inserts credit card in card reader.

- Sales person will sign "Signature on File" on iPad to complete sale.

- Customer will remove credit card.

Inside Store - Dressing rooms, customer seating and special assistance

~ Only one customer in dressing room at a time.

~ Where customers require specialist advice/assistance in store, sales person giving the advice will have a clearly designated position.

~ Sales person will clean sunglasses, jewelry, miscellaneous items that customers try on or touch after each visit.

~ Limited customer seating in store.

Inside Store - Toilets

~ Toilets will be closed until further notice.


Any suggestions or feedback is welcomed.  We value your business and advice as we all become accustomed to the new norm.