#9 Sabra Throw Pillow


Moroccan cactus silk pillows are exquisite decorative gems that blend elegance with traditional craftsmanship. These cushions are made from cactus silk, a vegetable fiber obtained from Moroccan agave plants. 

Each cushion is unique and hand-dyed using ancestral techniques. Earthy colors prevail in these pieces, evoking the richness of Moroccan landscapes. From soft and warm tones like beige and sand to deeper hues such as brown and terracotta, these cushions create a sense of warmth and connection with nature. Moroccan artisans dedicate skill and care to create intricate patterns and designs inspired by the country's rich cultural heritage.

Cactus silk is known for its ability to withstand friction and moisture, making these cushions suitable for both indoor decorative use and outdoor spaces like gardens and terraces. Exclusively for Nomad Chic. 

  • Approximately 20" x 20" each (51 cm x 51 cm) 
  • 100% Sabra (cactus silk)
  • Not suitable for direct sunlight.
  • Zipper closure
  • Down insert
  • Made in Morocco