Good Vibes Variety Set
Good Vibes Variety Set
Good Vibes Variety Set

Good Vibes Variety Set

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Set of 12 assorted good vibes Party Tats

The “GOOD VIBES VARIETY SET” features a mixed variety set of metallic temporary tattoos of the following designs:

    • EVIL EYE’ on a 2.5” X 2.5 card [Qty: 6]
    • HAMSA’ on a 2.5” X 2.5” card [Qty: 6]
  • Individually printed with a single design per card as shown
  • Pre-cut tattoo cards for easy set-up and display at events
  • Simple application and removal instructions on the back of each tattoo card

A fabulous option for festivals, concerts, parties, events and showers, the 'Good Vibes Variety Set’ features a fun and festive mix of designs for the ultimate positive sparkle.  Apply them to guests at parties, brighten up invitations or handwritten notes, use them as party favors inside gift bags, stick them onto décor (we especially love Flashing champagne flutes and flower vases)…the possibilities are endless!

This product is coming from our Mexico location.  Our pack mule likes to stop and smell the cacti... please allow a couple extra business days for shipping.