Sabra Rug | Large


Moroccan cactus silk rugs are exceptional handmade pieces that combine beauty and Moroccan tradition. These rugs, crafted with high-quality leather, stand out for their variety of colors and meticulous artisanal dyeing. The silk of the cactus possesses all the qualities of vegetable fibers, making it perfectly resistant to friction and moisture. This makes it suitable for use in interior decoration as well as in gardens and terraces.

Each rug is unique and showcases a wide range of warm, earthy tones that evoke the rich color palette of the Moroccan landscape. These colors are achieved through traditional dyeing processes using natural dyes, enhancing the beauty of the cactus silk and giving it a rich and authentic appearance.

These exceptional pieces not only add warmth and style to any space but also reflect the rich tradition and culture of Morocco.

  • Approximately 300cm/118.11in x 200cm/78.74in
  • 100% Sabra (cactus silk.)
  • Made in Morocco.