Tango Pants


 Step into the captivating essence of the desert landscapes of Baja California Sur with our new men's clothing collection. Designed to capture the beauty and wildness of the Pacific Ocean harmonizing with the vastness of the desert, this collection invites you to explore the relaxed sophistication and adventurous spirit of the region.

lightweight and colorful garments in this collection are crafted to provide both comfort and style during warm, sunny days. Soft, breathable fabrics embrace your skin, while carefully crafted cuts and designs with a contemporary touch.

Prints inspired by ocean waves, and breathtaking sunsets blend with earthy tones and intense blues, creating a visual symphony that captures the magic of this coastal destination.

  • Elasticized
  • Cotton and Polyester
  • Size : S/M L/XL
  • Hand wash gently.
  • Made in Mexico