Cosmos Unisex Obsidian Cuff
Cosmos Unisex Obsidian Cuff

Cosmos Unisex Obsidian Cuff

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“I believe we are all part of the same “Cosmos” and every element in it is alive and connected to the others. I used the Obsidian for it’s deep history in the Mexican culture; these 11 pieces represent a transmutation of our personal power to a higher and more spiritual level.  I personally consider the “Cosmos” as the ultimate truth and the bracelet is some kind of a “Guardian Angel” to me.

- Loïc, December 2019

Every bracelet is unique, handmade and take approximatively 12 hours to be made. The
metal base is made of high quality “Alpaca”, the first 31 elements are welded one by one on top of the base, then the metal is “worked and polished” in order to obtain his “Barbosa Vintage Look”. Finally, the 11 polished Obsidian pieces are carefully integrated to the base.

About Obsidian
Obsidian, called “itztli” in the Nahuatl language is a naturally occurring volcanic glass produced when lava extruded from a volcano cools rapidly with minimal crystal growth.  It was an important material for the pre-Columbian Mesoamerican culture as it was a highly integrated part of daily and ritual life. It was often seen as a type of blood originating from the earth. It has been found at nearly every Mesoamerican archaeological site.

Care & Maintenance
• When not wearing your bracelet, keep it preferably in his bag and case.
• Delicately clean your bracelet with sodium bicarbonate mixed with water or use mild soap with warm water.
• Polish your bracelet with a smooth cloth.
• Do not wear your bracelet during sports activities and conditions that can generate heavy sweating.

Made in Mexico.