Original Tara Healing Incense


The Original Tara Healing Incense has been used by shaman and healers in Nepal and Tibet for hundreds of years. This Tara incense is a special incense blend, which has been used for centuries for relieving stress, tension, and depression. Original Tara Healing Incense is like no other incense you may have tried. This incense is prepared by hand according to specialized Tibetan doctors and ancient Tibetan medicine texts. Tara Healing Incense is in the form of rolled sticks and in compoesed of different pure and natural herbs and fruits, including amala, zipzippus, phool kusum, lachi sabaj and others that have been used for centuries in Tibet.
While we cannot make any medical claims ourselves about the effectiveness, many people have told us that it is very effective, non-toxic and non-addictive. It has been used for relieving headaches and nausea, as well as mountain sickness. It has also been used for relieving stress and insominia due to anxiety. They have also been used ground up and mixed with a spoonful of sesame oil or melted butter as a massage oil for sore mucles and aches.

The Original Tara Healing Incense sticks are also great for a general meditaion incense, since they are not overly fragrant. And finally, they are made by Tibetan refugees living in India, so your purchase helps us support the preservation of Tibetan culture.

Consult your doctor or other qualified medical professional before you begin self treatment for any type of condition.

  • Each box contains 25 sticks, and each stick is approximately six inches long. 
  • Made in India