linda | chief nomad

What guides your style?
The past, anything classic, Audrey Hepburn, St. Tropez.

What’s your dream space?
Casa Linda, Como Shambala (cocktails near the river), the living room at Azzouna 13, the rooftop at El Fenn.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned from your travels?
Talk to strangers. Don’t talk to strangers.

If you were a cocktail, what would you be?
Mezcal Paloma – citrus fresh…salty…smoky…

It’s the last scene in your life movie. The camera is panning out, the world is coming into view, and you’ve landed here:
Bali or Marrakech.

Sign: Leo
Favorite Color: Black
#1 destination on Bucket List: Peru
Favorite Place on Earth: Bali

LINDA HAMILTON creates simple, stunning aesthetics perfectly suited for a suite in Morocco or a living room in Sonoma. Inspired by natural materials and rich textures, she breathes worldly sophistication into everything she does. And she does a lot. After studying art, architecture, and interior architecture at California College of the Arts, she segued her time working for a high profile design firm into developing an internationally recognized presence. She started Bali-based Budiasa, which was featured in showrooms like De Sousa Hughes (San Francisco), Mirak (Los Angeles), and Thomas Job (Chicago). The Bali bombing of 2002 derailed her plans of growing deeper roots in Indonesia, but she recognized creative opportunities in the dusty desert town of Todos Santos. There, she designed and built her dream home – the aptly named Casa Linda – and opened Nomad Chic, a shop serving up her trademark style of global fusion and effortless cool. Perched in the heart of town, Nomad Chic is the calling card for everything Hamilton is. The shop is carefully curated with designers, artists, and brands found in the furthest corners of the globe, as well as Nomad Chic pieces conceived and designed by Hamilton herself. When she’s not roaming the world in search of new treasures, she’s hosting fashion shows, throwing dinner parties, or infusing new spaces with her elevated vision. She’s sipping champagne beneath a disco ball and she wants everyone to join her. Call her a traveler, call her an entrepreneur, call her a philanthropist, call her a nomad. Just don’t call her over if you’re out of tequila.


Pamela joins the team from La Paz, just across the peninsula from Todos Santos. She’s dreamed of making the world a more stylish place and Nomad Chic provides her with just the right opportunity to do it. She’s into fresh, dreamy scents and has a guilty love of reggaeton; if her life was a movie, the last scene would be on her family’s yacht sailing through the Greek isles, with tons of laughter, her family all around her, and not a care in the world.

What’s your dream space?
A place overlooking the ocean, with lots of plants and flowers around. A space that smells delicious and makes you feel like you’re entering a design magazine.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned from your travels?
That the world is a small place and everything is based on connections.

If you were a cocktail, what would you be?
A gin martini.

Sign: Aries
Favorite Color: Pink and purple
#1 destination on Bucket List: Belgium and France
Favorite Place on Earth: My mom's house


Priscilla left her home in Mendoza, Argentina nearly ten years ago and her travels haven’t stopped. From camping on the beach in La Paz to swimming with jellyfish in Mallorca, to a three day stint in the Madrid airport to following her heart to Baja, she comes packed with stories, experiences, and wisdom. The most important thing she’s learned from it? The importance of staying humble. She’s a girl on the move, but we’re happy she’s found her home here (for now).

How did growing up in Mendoza shape you?
Growing up in the mountains, I was always surrounded by nature – it’s a part of me. In Todos Santos, I feel like I’ve just exchanged the mountains for the beach. I know I’ll end up back in the mountains, with birds singing and a fresh breeze blowing around me.

What’s one thing you always wear?
Jewelry. Every piece I wear reminds me of a place or person – and I won’t go anywhere without my hoops.

And most importantly, what cocktail would you be?
Gin and tonic. Every bartender knows what to make the minute I walk in.

Sign: Sagittarius
Favorite Color: Yellow
#1 destination on Bucket List: ???
Favorite Place on Earth: Mendoza Mountains, Argentina


Hailing from Mexico City, Daniela moved to Todos Santos in search of new adventures (and it helps that her brother owns Jardin Alquimia, one of the best bars in town). When she’s not lending her urban style to the shop, you’ll find her in her favorite black Ramones tee-shirt. She’s studying Communications in school, but she’s a poet at heart: When asked what her favorite color is, she’ll tell you “any shade of the sea.” Swoon.

How did growing up in Mexico City shape you? 
I grew up in Mexico City, but my family isn’t Mexican – my father is Colombian and my mom is Guatemalan. I was the first one raised as Mexican, but I really was an immigrant in a place with few immigrants. Growing up in Mexico City taught me about kindness and the importance of being kind to others; oh, and I can navigate any underground train system, anywhere in the world. I’ll never get lost.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned from your travels?
To see beauty in mundane things.

What cocktail are you?
Aperol Spritz. I’m like citrus – a bit refreshing – and I’m bubbly, but I still have some bite.

Sign: Capricorn
Favorite Color: Any color of the sea
#1 destination on Bucket List: India
Favorite Place on Earth: Vis, Croatia


Bay Area born and bred, Nicole puts the “California girl” in Baja California. She met Linda after returning from a long travel stint; the two bonded over their love of Canggu and Marrakech and the rest is history. Her favorite color is violet, she moonlights as a songbird, and she relishes in a good turn of phrase. Fewer things delight her more than driving through the desert at sunset or a good outdoor shower.

What’s your scent?
Fresh jasmine, coconut oil, Tom Ford Orchid Soleil.

What guides your style?
Uber femininity with a bit of edge. I love the overt sensuality of Sophia Loren and Dolce & Gabbana; pair that with some rhinestone cowgirl and a hint of punk rock, and you’ll start getting it. 

What cocktail would you be?
Spicy mezcal margarita – a bit sweet, a bit sultry, with a definite kick. 

Sign: Leo
Favorite Color: Violet
#1 destination on Bucket List: Greek Islands
Favorite Place on Earth: Bali, Baja, or Lake Tahoe on a clear summer evening


Barbra hails from La Paz, a small town on bright blue waters right across the Baja Peninsula from Todos Santos. She attributes her friendly, open-minded personality to growing up there; it’s no surprise that her favorite thing about Baja is the people (well, besides the beach and sunsets!). She’d hoped for a reason to relocate to Todos Santos and Nomad Chic proved to be it. 

What guides your style?
I’m inspired by the hip hop culture and I like to feel powerful in my skin as a young female; I love my black sunglasses and hoop earrings. I think hip-hop guides my personality, too.

What’s recently played on your Spotify account? 
Kali Uchis- After the Storm 

What cocktail would you be?
Strawberry mojito! Sweet and kind and fresh.

Sign: Virgo
Favorite Color: Black
#1 destination on Bucket List: Italy
Favorite Place on Earth: Baja California Sur


Sashais Nomad Chic’s newest mermaid-in-residence. Though she was born in Russia, she came to us after an unexpectedly long stint in Bali: “I went on vacation and never returned!” A surf photographer, it’s no surprise that Bali is her favorite place in the world,but she loves the history, people, and natural surroundings of Todos Santos. Her travels guide her nomadic style and her favorite color shifts with her own seasons (right now, she’s in a season of light blue,) but you’ll never catch her without her mermaid necklace. It’s inscribed with “live what you love,” a reminder she takes to heart everyday. 

What’s your dream space?
A surf cabin with an ocean view.

You get a call inviting you to hop on a private jet to Ibiza. The plane leaves in an hour. What are you throwing into your carry-on?
My camera will go first, and then some light dresses and bikinis. No shoes needed!

And of course, what cocktail would you be?
Sweet hibiscus water with cardamon.

Sign: Gemini
Favorite Color: Light Blue
#1 destination on Bucket List: Morocco
Favorite Place on Earth: Bali