byron bay, australia


Philosophy: I Believe in Angels. I rely on Miracles. It is my wish that every woman dress from the space of expression and celebration of herself as Divine.

Style:  Designed for women whose thoughts wander off the edge of the world, my clothing is becoming recognized for its bohemian flair, with touches of both elegance and playfulness. However, the real beauty exists within the production of the clothing. The kimono’s and silks are produced by hand using ancient batik hand painting methods. The traditional process of the clothing is a ‘labor of love’ and a beautiful hand crafted journey that transcends to the wearer.

Resolve: to create exquisite hand crafted pieces that exist only behind a story of ethics. Feel assured that the beautiful, skilled Balinese workers who make my clothing receive reasonable working conditions and a fair wage.

Expect a miracle when you wear this kimono. This stunning silk kimono is my signature design. It carries the energy and guidance of Archangel Gabrielle. Please visit my about page to understand why.

Call in your miracles, and feel protected and luxurious when you wear your wings. Wear them as an expression of the divinity that exists within you – that is you. Because that is the truth. You ARE so divine!

We proudly produce our clothing with a loving vibration under ethical working conditions. 

  • Private viewing of our longest running collection...Warriors of the Divine
  • Informal Modeling
  • Stylists available for personal consultation
  • Refreshments will be served.