daniela | sales hustle and flow


Hailing from Mexico City, Daniela moved to Todos Santos in search of new adventures (and it helps that her brother owns Jardin Alquimia, one of the best bars in town). When she’s not lending her urban style to the shop, you’ll find her in her favorite black Ramones tee-shirt. She’s studying Communications in school, but she’s a poet at heart: When asked what her favorite color is, she’ll tell you “any shade of the sea.” Swoon.


How did growing up in Mexico City shape you? 


I grew up in Mexico City, but my family isn’t Mexican- my father is Colombian and my mom is Guatemalan. I was the first one raised as Mexican, but I really was an immigrant in a place with few immigrants.


Growing up in Mexico City taught me about kindness and the importance of being kind to others; oh, and I can navigate any underground train system, anywhere in the world. I’ll never get lost.


What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned from your travels?


To see beauty in mundane things.


What cocktail are you?


 Aperol Spritz. I’m like citrus- a bit refreshing- and I’m bubbly, but I still have some bite.



Favorite Color:  Any shade of the sea  

#1 destination on Bucket List:  India

Favorite Place on Earth:  Vis, Croatia