linda | chief nomad


Linda Hamilton creates simple, stunning aesthetics perfectly suited for a suite in Morocco or a living room in Sonoma. Inspired by natural materials and rich textures, she breathes worldly sophistication into everything she does. 

And she does a lot.

After studying art, architecture, and interior architecture at California College of the Arts, she segued her time working for a high profile design firm into developing an internationally recognized presence. She started Bali-based Budiasa, which was featured in showrooms like De Sousa Hughes (San Francisco), Mirak (Los Angeles), and Thomas Job (Chicago).

The Bali bombing of 2002 derailed her plans of growing deeper roots in Indonesia, but she recognized creative opportunities in the dusty desert town of Todos Santos. There, she designed and built her dream home- the aptly named Casa Linda- and opened Nomad Chic, a shop serving up her trademark style of global fusion and effortless cool.

Perched in the heart of town, Nomad Chic is the calling card for everything Hamilton is. The shop is carefully curated with designers, artists, and brands found in the furthest corners of the globe, as well as Nomad Chic pieces conceived and designed by Hamilton herself.

When she’s not roaming the world in search of new treasures, she’s hosting fashion shows, throwing dinner parties, or infusing new spaces with her elevated vision. She’s sipping champagne beneath a disco ball and she wants everyone to join her.

Call her a traveler, call her an entrepreneur, call her a philanthropist, call her a nomad. 

Just don’t call her over if you’re out of tequila.


What guides your style?

The past, anything classic, Audrey Hepburn, St. Tropez.


What’s your dream space?

Casa Linda, Como Shambala (cocktails near the river), the living room at Azzouna 13, the rooftop at El Fenn.


What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned from your travels?

 Talk to strangers.

Don’t talk to strangers.


If you were a cocktail, what would you be?

Mezcal Paloma – citrus fresh…salty…smoky…


It’s the last scene in your life movie. The camera is panning out, the world is coming into view, and you’ve landed here: 

 Bali or Marrakech. 



Favorite Color:  Black

#1 destination on Bucket List:  Peru

Favorite Place on Earth:  Bali