nicole | tan line coordinator and storyteller


Favorite Color:  Violet

#1 on Bucket List:  Greek Islands

Fave Place in the Entire World:  

Bali, Baja, or Lake Tahoe on a clear summer evening


Bay Area born and bred, Nicole puts the “California girl” in Baja California. She met Linda after returning from a long travel stint; the two bonded over their love of Canggu and Marrakech and the rest is history. Her favorite color is violet, she moonlights as a songbird, and she relishes in a good turn of phrase. Fewer things delight her more than driving through the desert at sunset or a good outdoor shower.
What’s your scent? 
Fresh jasmine, coconut oil, Tom Ford Orchid Soleil.
What guides your style?
Uber femininity with a bit of edge. I love the overt sensuality of Sophia Loren and Dolce & Gabbana; pair that with some rhinestone cowgirl and a hint of punk rock, and you’ll start getting it. 
What cocktail would you be?
Spicy mezcal margarita- a bit sweet, a bit sultry, with a definite kick.