Nomad Chic Travel


All adventures are great but let’s face it, some go beyond. That time you learned how to fillet and prepare the fish you just caught from that world class chef (who is now your new best friend). The yoga class on the beach where the blissful smile on your face and sense of calm made your limbs seem to stretch further than ever before. The pedicure that provided an out of body experience. Tooling around your own private island confident that your guide will not just show you the best sites but mix the greatest rum concoction you’ve ever tasted.

 To go beyond, you need inside connections, you need Nomad Chic Travel, you need a trip with Linda. Family reunions, girl’s weekends, boy’s weekends, couple’s weekends, birthday bashes, whatever the occasion Nomad Chic will customize your adventure as only they can. Cooking, yoga, modeling, horseback riding, bonfires, surfing, or maybe you want to lie under a palm on a pristine secluded beach. Do it all or do nothing, it’s up to you.

Our first trip is currently being planned and information will be out soon! Email us at if you just can't wait, and we will give you a sneak peak of our first adventure :)