priscilla | artistic sales


Priscilla left her home in Mendoza, Argentina nearly ten years ago and her travels haven’t stopped. From camping on the beach in La Paz to swimming with jellyfish in Mallorca, to a three day stint in the Madrid airport to following her heart to Baja, she comes packed with stories, experiences, and wisdom. The most important thing she’s learned from it? The importance of staying humble. She’s a girl on the move, but we’re happy she’s found her home here (for now).


How did growing up in Mendoza shape you?


Growing up in the mountains, I was always surrounded by nature- it’s a part of me. In Todos Santos, I feel like I’ve just exchanged the mountains for the beach. I know I’ll end up back in the mountains, with birds singing and a fresh breeze blowing around me.


What’s one thing you always wear?


Jewelry. Every piece I wear reminds me of a place or person- and I won’t go anywhere without my hoops.


And most importantly, what cocktail would you be? 


Gin and tonic. Every bartender knows what to make the minute I walk in.



Favorite Color:  Yellow  

#1 destination on Bucket List:  ???

Favorite Place on Earth:  Mendoza Mountains, Argentina