Palo Santo Incense Starter Set


Palo Santo, known in Spanish as holy wood, is a tree widely inhabited in Peru. The ancient Inca civilization used it in rituals to clean negative energy and cleanse the space. The gentle and calm scent of Palo Santo helps to control stress and anxiety.

This kit includes 2 thin Palo Santo Smudge Sticks, 3 Hand-Rolled Palo Santo Incense Sticks, and 5g of Palo Santo Incense Sticks. Enjoy Palo Santo while relaxing your mind during yoga, meditation, and Aromatherapy or to relieve from odors and renew your living space. And experience its smooth, delicate woody, citrus, and slightly sweet lingering scent. 

In a ventilated space, light the end of the Palo Santo stick until a small flame appears. Blow it out, spread the aromatic smoke around your home, or place it on an appropriate incense/Palo Santo holder. The incense sticks will burn for about 20 minutes and disappear, and the Palo Santo sticks will burn for about 20~30 seconds. Both will leave you with the natural woody, slightly citrus, and sweet lingering scent. 

  • 3.93" long
  • 100% Natural Palo Santo Wood
  • Scent:  Woody / Citrus / Sweet
  • Burning Time:  Smudge Stick = 1 minute / Incense Stick & Hand Rolled Incense Stick = 15 to 20 minutes
  • Made in Peru