Wahad Pendant - Malika Collection


Malika Crochet Lamps

The Malika collection includes 2 models (Wahad and Joosh), which are available in 4 sizes and 16 standard colours (in solid or two-colour formats) making the options almost endless.

They are suitable for residential and commercial spaces as a single feature pendant lamp or hung together in pairs, groups or clusters of like or different models, sizes and colours.


Each lamp is handcrafted by women in a small village community near Marrakech. By partnering with these women we aim to help keep their traditional skills alive and create a brighter future for them and their families.

The sculptural shapes are inspired by objects used in daily Moroccan life, like tagines, baskets, and pots.


2 Models | 4 Sizes | 16 Colours

- mini - 

- small - 40 cm High x 30 cm Diameter 

- medium - 60cm High x 42cm Diameter (24" x 17") approx.

- large - 

Each lamp is individually handmade to order.  This allows us to offer a wide range of options to suit almost any interior space and style.