A Change of Season

A Change of Season

Photo by Jake Weirick

A Change of Season

Summer News from Nomad Chic


"We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls." -Anais Nin


With the summer solstice still lingering around us, we've been thinking. Thinking about change, thinking about fresh beginnings and alignments, thinking about what's next as we survey the world around us.

And it's a different world, it is. We don't take for granted the past year's impact and what it's meant for other people, nor do we take for granted our refuge in Todos Santos, that feeling of safe harbor in an uncertain sea. We appreciate the struggles of others and the vast differences experienced between many of us.

But the world is constantly changing. That's part of what makes it so wonderfully exhilarating, so intriguing; it's part of why every travel comes with a moment of shortened breath, that feeling of a plunge before the unknown.

As intimidating as change can be, we wouldn't change it for anything.

So much, in fact, that we're welcoming summer with a whole slew of changes of our own. Nomad Chic is living up to its name and evolving like always. We're excited to share what we're up to with you.


A Fresh Perspective

Our Nomad Chic website has been entirely overhauled, with a heightened focus on beautiful imagery and more space to tell stories. You'll find all the same treasures and finds you love (including some of our newest favorites, like Mysayang from Bali) along with information around events, design services, Nomad Chic property rentals, and more.


Travel is Back

And we won't just settle at sending back postcards. Over the upcoming months, Nomad Chic is resuming its tradition of organizing carefully curated, immersive experiences; we'll post all the details on our site and socials so there's no chance of you getting left behind.


A (re)Focus on Design


Linda Hamilton has long been known and revered for her amazing eye, and after a brief period of more under-the-radar projects, she's back in action. From hospitality to real estate staging, she's accepting new projects and transforming more spaces.


Nomad Chic Experiences

Over the past year, Nomad Chic added several new properties to its portfolio of wanderlust worthy escapes. From the dreamy romance of the Penthouse to the unparalleled vibe and views of the Loft, our newest spaces encapsulate Nomad Chic and everything we strive to create. 

We're also extending ourselves to more event creation, both private and our own; if you're interested in sharing some beautiful experiences, follow along on our social media channels and website. 


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