A Nomad's True Place

A Nomad's True Place

Ladies and gents of the Nomad Chic tribe, we’ve been busy. We’ve had our eyes on the sky and our hands down in Mexico, our hearts in Sonoma and our minds on the world, and we haven’t maintained our correspondence. Blame the burros, blame the post, blame the tequila, but we’re here now.

“Here,” of course, can be a funny thing for self-professed nomads. For all of our traveling tendencies, we appreciate the stunning gems we can claim as permanent, these divine places we’re lucky enough to refer to as Home. In light of recent times and troubles, it’s even more tempting to disappear into the lushness of Sonoma and arid dunes of Baja (Todos Santos always and San Jose del Cabo, so soon we can’t stand it,) to lose ourselves in the beauty within reach and forget about the world outside. If life was only ever a cerveza by the Pacific or a stroll through the Cornerstone gardens, what a lovely life it would be, and what we encourage in all of our friends and patrons is to maintain a traveler’s sense of indulgence even when stuck in one spot.

But while we encourage salty daydreams and moments of escapism (a sip of tequila, mid afternoon? We’re happy to pour,) we know that being a nomad isn’t to avoid responsibility for our fellow humans or our world. It’s to share our experiences and our truths and to encourage others to do the same. It’s to bring people together, to transcend boundaries and borders and find that common ground (especially if that common ground is intricately tiled and gorgeous). It’s to gain an awareness and respect for others, to hear their stories and hope they will hear ours, too.

This is the world we believe in. This is what keeps us moving. Now is not the time to retreat, to burrow our heads in the sand; it is not the time to give up. We know the power of positive thinking is universal and undeniable, and we’re striving to cultivate good juju everyday.

Henry Miller said: “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” Keep choosing to see the humanity and beauty in others. Put flower petals in your bathwater. Savor the feeling of silk against your skin. Keep dreaming of balmy breezes, and if you’re lucky enough to feel them firsthand, send some kind thoughts out on the wind so that they may reach those friends and strangers oceans away.

Relish in the small everyday joys of life and raise your jeweled wrists in support of those who need your help. You are part of the world and your participation matters. We are simply here to make it even more wonderful.

Keep wandering, keep lusting, and be sure to keep up with us. We’ll be here, wherever “here” may be.

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