Nomad Chic x Badass Bride

Meet Tiffany. Tiffany is a litigator (or as Cher Horowitz once put it, "the scariest kind of lawyer"). Tiffany is also a yogi, the proud mother of more animals than seems healthy to have in her beautiful Marin County home, a voracious reader, and a compassionate, loyal friend.
Simply put, Tiffany is a badass.
Tiffany is also a soon-to-be bride. Her wedding to Ben (another badass, but we digress,) will take place in February in the charming town of Sayulita, that little hot spot just north of Puerto Vallarta.
Knowing Tiffany's affinity for eclectic jewelry and rocker girl vibes, we invited her in for a little pre-Mexican wedding bridal fun at our Sonoma store. Did we mention she's getting married in a black lace gown? Like we said: badass.
Let's get this fiesta started.
You'd think a bride might skip over the rings- but no. Here, our lovely guest is drawn to two different Tina Metelmann doozies.
(You'll notice she's also already slipped on one of our popular leather wrap bracelets.)
Hardly surprising for a woman who opted for a black wedding dress, she was instantly drawn to our slightly Gothic, totally romantic angel wing kimonos. What was surprising? She preferred the gold to the black...
She couldn't deny the impact of our insanely sexy Tahitian black pearl and deer skin necklace paired with the black silk kimono, though. Talk about a sultry beach wedding pièce de résistance.
And when it came to picking a few other statement necklaces? Easy.
Our horse hair tassel necklace looked frighteningly good with her own tee shirt...
And our favorite fringe earrings and beaded skull necklace looked even better.
And in honor of her wedding's Sayulita location (and maybe a bit of her inner girly bride,) we even got her to try on a more feminine, classic pearl lariette.
(Silky, silky!)
All in all, our badass bride found more than enough to play with. What will make it down to the wedding? We'll find out next month...
Muchas gracias, Tiffany!