You know the feeling...

You know the feeling...

You know the feeling.

Anticipation plus relaxation with a heavy dose of freedom. You are about to set foot on that island you’ve been drooling over for months. You’ve replaced your phone with a margarita and your coworkers with dolphins. You love this feeling, you may never go home, you may not need to.

Nomad Chic takes you there. Walking in you are hit with a sense of belonging unlike any other store. You love this store, you could be the buyer for this store. You immediately meet owner Linda Hamilton who asks you where you are from, she’s breezy and comfortable, like a new friend you meet on a beach. Somehow she already knows your style and has you trying on the Eleni dress by Biasa. Then a swimsuit by Boys and Arrows, complemented with the Warrior Triangle Bracelet by Sidai. The designers are all small and carefully chosen by their quality and connection to their products and the environment.

Linda tells the stories, about the other Nomad Chic store in Todos Santos, about Cornerstone, about the wine country, about Bali, about her vision. You feel the love, there is no script here. You leave with your favorite new coverup and a new friend.

You check your calendar for your next vacation window.

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