Mujeres v. 4: Denise Alexander Spencer

Mujeres v. 4: Denise Alexander Spencer

Introducing Mujeres

Our new series celebrating women who inspire us.

Denise Alexander Spencer

Photo by Debbie Lorenzo


“I met Denise through a series of friends and mutual connections. I immediately was taken in by her warmth and style, and of course, by the clothing she designs. I love carrying Ichiche in the shop and honoring the woman behind it." - Linda



What do you identify as (photographer, designer, artist, dreamweaver, etc- no limits!):
Creative nomad & explorer.
What's a favorite memory from your childhood?
Spending time with my grandmother; she always “saw” the real me which I believe is the biggest gift anyone can been given.
What propels you forward in life?
Experiencing and exploring places I already know & love, and new ones that I have yet to see. Also, finding and building genuine connections with people.
What calms your soul in moments of uncertainty?
A run or yoga, time with a friend, or if I’m in Istanbul walking in the Grand Bazaar.
What city or place best encapsulates who you are?
The beach: easy, barefoot, go-with-the-flow, time-slowed-down, sun kissed, and tousled from the wind & sea.
What's your all-time favorite piece of advice/quote?
Be humble for you are made of earth, be noble for you are made of stars.
Who are a few "mujeres" you admire?
Any woman who is confident & kind, moving through the world listening to her own heart
pursuing things she loves.
Who would you want to have drinks with and where?
My closest girlfriends present & past somewhere by the sea at sunset where we could sit talking and sharing into the night.
What would you tell your younger self about life and the road ahead?
Always listen to your inner voice, you have everything you need to overcome challenges & forge the path you want to walk, don’t be afraid to take risks and follow your heart.
Photo by Sarah Ider

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