Nomad Chic Does: Marrakech

Nomad Chic Does: Marrakech

A Quick and Clean Guide to Our Favorite Moroccan City

What We're Packing

Unsurprisingly, planning for temperature is important!  Marrakech averages high 90's during the day and low 60's at night.

That in mind, it's all about lightweight and loose linen for the day, and beautiful wraps (like our suede perforated shawl) for cooler evenings.

It's important to respect the culture, so mixing layers and appropriate lengths is key. Long, flowing dresses and loose-fitting pants are easy to throw on (and move around in).


When we think of Marrakech style, we think...

Marrakshi Life - Randall Bachner nails the exotic style of Morocco with contemporary lifestyles.

Hamimi  Design - Rebecca Wilford works with an all-female crew to develop Hamimi’s small collection of brass jewelry, soft leather handbags and crocheted lampshades.


Where We're Staying

El Fenn is a classic, but it books far in advance- so if we're heading there last minute, we make our home at Azzounia 13.


The First Place We're Going

Terrace des épices, the first open-air rooftop restaurant in the Medina. 


The Bar We have to Grab Drinks At

The rooftop at El Fenn.


Our Morning Coffee Perch

The rooftop at Azzounia 13.


Our Favorite Store(s)

The El Fenn Boutique

Chabi Chic

Maison Sarayan

Max & Jan

33 Rue Majorelle


Our Quintessential Marrakech Experience

The first stroll through the Medina...the most worthwhile "tourist trap."  Always escorted by Yassine. 


Our Advice for First Time Visitors

Be curious, be patient- and bring an extra suitcase.

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