Mujeres v. 7: Rebecca Wilford

Mujeres v. 7: Rebecca Wilford


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Rebecca Wilford

 “Rebecca's creations are some of my favorite things I've ever stumbled upon; she weaves magic into everything she touches. She and I both share the same deep, profound love for Marrakech, but while I dream of it and capture what I can, she encapsulates it in her work. She's a beautiful artist and dreamer." - Linda
What do you identify as (photographer, designer, artist, dreamweaver, etc- no limits!):
A creative soul.
What's a favorite memory from your childhood?
As a six-year old, walking to school on crisp summer mornings; picking icy blue plumbago flowers, before the Australian heat built. 
What propels you forward in life?
A desire to make things. Beautiful things.
What calms your soul in moments of uncertainty?
Cloud-gazing, awe-inspiring moments of nature that shift everything into perspective.
What city or place best encapsulates who you are?
Marrakech. Gritty and grimy, raw and honest, with a dash of exotic beauty.
What's your all-time favorite piece of advice/quote?
Mute the world. Listen to yourself first. 
Who are a few "mujeres" you admire?

Yeedah Campagnaro- Thomas: Her creative juices are overflowing. She's my sould buddy! (@mechanics.warehouse) Rosalie Gascoigne: Late-blooming Australian assemblage artist. Alice Coltrane: Trailblazing musician, creating swirling clouds of spiritual jazz.

Who would you want to have drinks with and where?

Georgia O'Keefe for her unique perspective, Hugh Grant for a laugh, and my bestie, Michelle Hank (@redgoesfastermorroco), to keep it all real! And where? At +61 Marrakech, best cocktails in town. 

What would you tell your younger self about life and the road ahead?
Stop overthinking it all- just get on with it!!!
Photos Courtesy of Rebecca Wilford


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