Mujeres v. 1: Jasmine Hawken

Mujeres v. 1: Jasmine Hawken

Introducing Mujeres

Our new series celebrating women who inspire us.


Jasmine Hawken

All photos courtesy of Jasmine Hawken
Despite living in the lushness of Northern California at the same time, I didn't meet Jasmine until fate had her knocking at my (literal) Loft door. I was struck by her poise, passion, and genuine appreciation for the world; the more I learned about her, the more captivated I became. She's a perfect woman to start our series with. - xx Linda

Thank you to Jasmine for taking the time to speak with us, and for providing the beautiful replies below.

What do you identify as (photographer, designer, artist, dreamweaver, etc- no limits!):
A multidisciplinary creator in the world of wellness and design.
What's a favorite memory from your childhood?
Childhood informed my love for everything I now do. Following my bare feet to discover new raw lands, scents and feelings. Climbing rocks, making bags and shoes and other accessories with raw materials found in nature around my home in Sardegna Italy. Deeply inhaling the molecules made of the fresh, earthy petrichor aroma just after a good storm in Uruguay. Being wild and natural and free.
What propels you forward in life?:
Being creative. Seeing with eyes of innocence and unknowing. Designing. Following my feet and my heart.
What calms your soul in moments of uncertainty?:
The stillness in knowing this is all a dream. And my close friends – life’s angels on earth.
What city or place best encapsulates who you are?:
There are two: Jose Ignacio in Uruguay and Sardegna in Italy.
What's your all-time favorite piece of advice/quote?
“Wisdom is knowing I am nothing,
Love is knowing I am everything,
and between the two my life moves.”
― Nisargadatta Maharaj
Who are a few "mujeres" you admire? 
I admire and am inspired by all women who tap into the depth of their inner muse and find a way to bring it out.
Who would you want to have drinks with and where?
Nikola Tesla at a café in Paris.
Ramana Maharshi under a tree in India.
What would you tell your younger self about life and the road ahead?
Be as you are. Your fulfillment resides within.
Jasmine designs "online & offline fasting retreats that attune you to nature and your deepest well being.” You can follow her and learn more on IG @nuanaqui. 

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